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Mission & Vission

Educate the needy and orphan children

         Akhil Bhatiya Open Schooling has been working to teach needy and orphan child in India since 2013 and it will be continue in future also because teaching is a unique work in the world. one can forgive his/her identity without education that`s why we are working to get them identity in our society. Being a chairman of an institution I realized that we should go their places to teach needy children. on other hand we are trying to teach needy children like orphan and beggar’s children who are living in slum and we will  give them free stationary, study material and books so that they can get their identity in society. I feel that everyone needs education in our country but we not able to teach all of them that`s why I created  a teaching team and I will do teaching with team if we do not do so they will be going in wrong direction and they can create problems for our society. A number of teachers are taking part in this noble work cum society awareness campaign from every part of our country.

Our Programme and working skills

  1. Retired teachers from govt. institution can work with us.
  2. India is land of villages So many people are unemployed and uneducated they are not able to teach their children. Therefore, without any self-interest in our foundation we will teach them.
  3. Teaching is the first step to make the society aware.
  4. We will teach all needy students
  5. We will set a camp in villages to teach needy students    

Selecting teachers and managing

  1. The man who wishes to teach needy children around his home
  2. An educated person who wants to utilize his time to teach needy students without any self-interest.
  3. The person who wants to teach society without any self interest
  4. We will select JBT, B.ed, MA,TET and NET Qualified holders. According to NCTE`s terms and condition

Our Target

To teach 25,000 to 50,000 needy children and orphen every year and make a study centre for them in our country.

Our Aim

  1. To create awareness regarding education in our country.
  2. To conduct campaign, training programs seminars, symposia etc. and to participate in them either in city or other state.
  3. To establish child welfare centers including crèche for children of working women.
  4. To establish educational institutions at kindergarten, primary, and secondary to provide quality education to the upcoming generation.
  5. Our aim is to teach needy children in our country because teaching makes all thing possible in our society.

Facilities for students

  1. To evaluate the students we will conduct monthly test.
  2. We will inform them employment news.
  3. Certificate will be given to the students after examine them.
  4. Scholarship will be given to meritorious students.
  5. To offer vocational education for needy students.
  6. To conduct career counseling seminar
  7. Computer education will be given at possible location.


1. To promote literacy and research and to work for the welfare of mankind without distinction of caste creed of religion and also for the poor especially those belonging to scheduled castes and backward classes by opening, running, helping and or assisting schools, colleges, Training Centers, 
vocational, Technical and Industrial Institutions or Centers, Orphanages, Dharamshalas or Gurudwaras, Hospitals, Laboratories, Nursing Homes, Libraries Cultural, Social and Research Centers,and institutions and to carry out any other similar objects of public utility.

2. Our mission is Education, Health & Character. 

3. To give the best possible teaching and training to its students so that they can serve society effectively and with dignity. 

4. Democratizing higher education by taking it to the doorsteps of learners.  

5. Providing access to high quality to all those who seek it irrespective of age region or formal qualifications. 

6. Offering need based academic programs by giving professional and vocational orientation to the course.

7. To promoting and developing distance education in India & Abroad. 

8. To individualized study: - flexibility in terms of place pace and duration of study. 

9. To give cost effective and self job oriented programs Student support services network 

10. To propagate the idea of service to humanity by establishing and maintaining Homes, Dispensaries,
      Langars and schools for the blind, deaf and dumb etc. 

11.  To Plant the trees in the adjoining area of the school for the better environment of the school premises. 

12.  To promote and propagate the case of literacy and welfare of society in general with special 
       emphasis on education and health care of the underprivileged, poor children and women. 

13.  To assist, finance, support and/ or aid or help in education, medical treatment, vocational guidance 
       and training of the underprivileged persons. 

14.  To grant, pay or give scholarship, stipends prizes, rewards, allowances and other financial 
      assistance or help in cash or kind to students with a view to help them in prosecuting their studies in 
      schools, college, educational institutions, technical and medical institutions, art schools and other
      training, research, or educational works in India or abroad. 

15.  To promote, organize, assist, administer, establish, support, maintain and/or grant aid to any person 
      or institution or society or organization whatsoever having for its objects charitable purpose and to 
      incur expenditure in connection therewith. 

16.  To receive moneys and donations, any type of financial assistance, from any individual institutions,
        trust corporate etc. to fulfill the aims and objects of the society. 

17.  To direct the schools to upload, keep and maintain the standard of education and to obey the 
       conditions imposed by the Educational Authorities of the state and the Center from time to time.

 18.  To De-affiliate the schools which fails to maintain the standard of education as directed by the council. 

 19.  To provide the basis amenities, financial aids to the schools affiliated, run or controlled by the council

        and to act as an supervisory authority.

 20.  To remove 5 crores of people from state of semi-illiteracy of complete illiteracy in next 10 years.

 21.  To bring the process of reforming the education system of the country to a logical conclusion and to create the most optimized and

         ideal education system in next 30 years.

22.  To delete the word like disease, sufferings from social dictionary completely under dual objective of  prevention and

       cure of disease in next 20 years.

23. E-literacy and availing benefits of e-revolution for 20 crores of people in next 10 years.

24.  Enable Bharata to become number one sports country in the world in next 30 years.

25.  It has been constituted to regulate Matriculation & Intermediate Education, Vocational Courses/Technical Courses, Yoga & Naturopathy,

       Paramedical, N.T.T. and D.Ed./J.B.T. with the help of educational experts to train unemployed girls & boys so that they can

       serve trust  effectively and with dignity and may impart education on modern lines to pre-school children with stress

       on moral instinctual, physically and social personality.

26.  Providing relevant, continuing and holistic education up to pre-degree level through Open and Distance Learning System. 

27.  Contributing to the Universalisation of School Education.

28.  Catering to the educational needs of the prioritized target groups for equity and social justice.

29.  Prescribing relevant syllabi and text books

30.  Fairly and Timely conducting of examinations, evaluation and declaration of results

31.  Using information and communication technology in Boards working to provide better services to  stakeholder.


  • To effectively contribute to the Quality, Equity, Relevance and Access of school education
  • Sustainable inclusive learning with universal and flexible access to quality school education and skill development.


  • Timely affiliation of schools
  • Timely prescribing of relevant syllabi and text- books
  • Timely conducting of examination and declaration of results as per schedule
  • Timely provision of Re-checking and Re-evaluation
  • Promoting school based assessment with the help of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Benefiting students of Open learning by providing the system of On Demand Examination and exploring other avenues to strengthen access to those who are outside formal schooling
  • Revamping D.Ed curriculum and providing orientation to Teacher-Educators
  • To elevate 5 crores of people from poverty in next 10 years.
  • Smooth conduct of eligibility test for prospective teachers
  • To uplift 10 crores of people into rich and stable prosperity in next 20 years.
  • Motivating meritorious students and schools with suitable awards. Special provision for Girl students
  • Motivating teachers for their contribution in fair and smooth conduct of examination by instituting award

Opportunity to Jail Inmates

  • Apart from affiliated schools, ABOS is presently having Study Centres (Examination Centers) in Jails also. It was observed that more number of jail inmates wanted to join ABOS courses but because of their poor financial condition, they were unable to do so.
  • It is in this context that ABOS appropriately thought to take proactive action to facilitate the mission of the jail inmates. Thus decision to provide following facilities to jail inmates was taken:
  • ABOS will charge the registration fee and examination fees for both academic and vocational courses. As Per The rule under the category for SC,ST,PH and Women
  • All Jail inmates would be supplied study material free of cost.
  • Even after the jail inmates are released from jail or their term of punishment is over, similar facilities would be acceded to them as provided during the term in the jail to complete their studies from ABOS.
  • Examination will be conducted in Jails only.

(Note:- All fees will be Acceptable by NEFT or Demand Draft (D.D) in favor of ABOS, Cash payments will not be accepted, Otherwise you will be responsible for it.ABOS Education Society is to Provide Academic & Vocational training Programs. All cirtificate of ABOS are Only for training purposes.))

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