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Rules & Regulations

1. Fees once paid should not be refunded or changed under any rule

2. Every student abides to and obtains to present rule and regulations and directions of the Council 
    and also those which are to be enforced time to time

3. Any change of the rules & regulation directions by the exam body shall be acceptable to the

4.If any document found bogus the admission and result should be cancelled automatically without
    any notice.

5.If student fails to deposit the fees in the due time the admission should be cancelled without any 
    notice and any primary deposit fees should not be refunded.

6.If study material or documents will be lost in the post no responsibility of the ABOS.

7. If any student / members / teachers / employees of a center / School / institute have any dispute
    with the ABOS, it will be resolved through the committee appointed by ABOS.

8.The right to establish and administer broadly comprises of the following rights:- 
  (A) to admit students;
  (B) to set up a reasonable fee structure;
  (C) to constitute a governing body;
  (D) to appoint staff (teaching and non-teaching); and
  (E) to take action if there is dereliction of duty on the part of any employees.

9.Admission Forms received without supporting documents will be rejected and fee will not be

10.If the Secondary level examination is not passed from a recognized Board, admission at Sr.
    Secondary level will not be considered. List

11.of recognised Boards is given at Appendix `C`.

12.If you possess a High School/Secondary Certificate from any Foreign Board/University and
    want to take admission to Senior

13.Secondary course of ABOS, you will be required to attach a certificate from the concerned 
    Embassy to the effect that the

14.examination passed by you is equivalent to the Indian High School/Secondary Examination.

15.Address Proof is not mandatory for admission.

16.Only a maximum of three (03) admissions will be allowed on a given address.

Cancellation of Admission

Your admission will be cancelled

1.if the admission form is incomplete,

2.if the fee paid is short,

3.if the supporting documents are not complete,

5.if false documents have been submitted,

6.if required educational qualifications are not fulfilled,

7.if the minimum age criteria is not fulfilled,

8.if incorrect or wrong information is given,

9.if the Secondary examination is not passed from a recognized board.

10.if more than 03 (three) admission forms are received from the same address.

      Note: Admission once cancelled will not be re-considered.

Note:- (All fees will be Acceptable by NEFT or Demand Draft (D.D) in favor of ABOS, Cash payments will not be accepted, Otherwise you will be responsible for it.)

       Note:- (ABOS Education Society is to Provide Academic & Vocational training Programs. All cirtificate of ABOS are Only for training purposes.)


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